How to create a Promotion on

On Juicer.Deals, you can post your promotion within less than 1 minute!

Add Product

Click here, or click on “Create new promotion” on your dashboard:

Step 1:

Choose the marketplace:
choose marketplace

Step 2:

Add the ASIN, then click on “Find me”:
add asin

Step 3:

Verify the information and click on “Continue”
verify information

Promotion Setting

Step 4:

Choose discount by % ( The recommendation is 75% off )

Coupons Setting

Step 5:

Choose a keyword to be searched by the shopper, Make sure to include your brand name.
keyword promotions

Step 6:

You can set up the automatic approval when you create promotion:
enable automatic approvals
Choose who will be approved automatically:
Top 50#, 300#  #500 #1000 or Everyone.
choose automatic approvals

Step 7:

add coupons, one-time-use coupons are recommended and limit the max order quantity to 1 when you send coupons.
add coupons

Click on Publish and your promotion is visible!
live promotion

Create new promotion >>

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  1. Jason

    Hi, how to change the archived promotions to active promotions?

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