Keyword Search Super URL for Amazon Sellers

Hello there! In January 2019 we have launched a series of Emails to many of our Sellers, asking for what features they would like to have on Juicer.Deals. One of the most popular requests was a Unique Keyword URL.
We heard your request and we made a special tool for you to generate a unique keyword Super URL for your promotions!

In order to make the best of your promotions now, you can use our Super URL Generator when you create or edit promotions.

How does it work?

It’s super simple.
If it’s a new promotion: after you verify the information of your product, add the keyword and make sure to mark the Checkbox for the unique search URL:


If it’s an old promotion, place the mouse over the promotion and click on Edit:

edit promotion on Viralix

And then mark the CheckBox:

keyword promotions for amazon sellers

What’s the difference?

Until the update, our members were searching the products manually together with the brand name.
Some of the shoppers haven’t found the products and used the direct link instead. The keyword purchases were about 70% of the purchases via Juicer.Deals which is nice but you can’t build a solid strategy on it.

Now, you can know for a fact that every purchase will benefit your keyword promotion.

Does Amazon Super URL legit?

Juicer.Deals does everything required in order to stand with Amazon’s TOS.
After a careful review of Amazon’s Policy, and contacting many platforms who are using Super URLs
We found that there is no clear answer to SURL.

For now, we have added the option, and in case we will receive any note from Amazon regarding the links we will go back to the previous version that stands with 100% Amazon’s TOS, and also available now.
(when you don’t mark the checkbox, the keyword will be searched manually)

Soon, we will upload a blog for how to use this tool for the best results and promoting almost any keyword to the first page!

So, what are you waiting for? Create a new Keyword Promotion >>

Netzah Topaz,
Amazon Seller, online marketer, marketing tools addicted.


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