New! Volcano Deals – Amazon Affiliates for Amazon Sellers

One of the biggest issues for Amazon sellers is to advertise outside of Amazon.

One of the biggest issues for Amazon affiliates, is to get great deals for their website.

One of the biggest solution for those issues is Volcano Deals.

Juicer.Deals team is excited to announce – Volcano Deals.

The feature that will let you post your deals on hundreds of affiliate sites – in 3 steps.

How does it work?

In the last few months, we were working on a new feature for amazon affiliate – a beautiful deals page for their website – installed in 3 minutes.

Now you can post your deals  on their website, through Juicer.Deals, in 2 simple clicks.

It’s never been easier to advertise your products outside of Amazon, until now.

If you are a Juicer.Deals member, you will find the “Volcano Deals” feature in the sidebar menu.

If you aren’t a Juicer.Deals member, you can sign up here

  1. Click on “Add Volcano Deal”
  2. Choose the marketplace and add the ASIN;
  3. Choose your discount and add your claim code.
    Note: the claim code must be a group coupon and valid for at least 14 days.
  4. Once the product is live on the websites, you can get statistics of how many views and clicks your product got.
  5. In order to remove the promotion from the affiliate websites, click on “Archive”

Any questions?

Write them down, we are here to help.

Well? What are you waiting for?

Create your new Volcano Deals!

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