Frequently Asked Questions - Sellers is a platform that helps Amazon Sellers to promote their products, using coupons and micro-influencers. More than 50,000 shoppers and bloggers required to share the products they buy from on blogs and social media.

Absolutely. To stand with Amazon’s T.O.S., we have removed the Amazon review requests and made the required Changes. 

Our requirements are social media reviews/blog posts ONLY, and our follow up email service stand with 100% Amazon’s Requirements. 

Moreover, the Amazon team reviewed, and today you can find us on Seller Central Appstore.

Recently, Amazon Changed their promo codes creation options.

Now you allowed creating percentage off coupon codes only on Seller Central. 

It seems to be a small change, but actually, it’s very critical, Now that you only have the percentage off option, a shopper can order unlimited units of your product with one coupon code, even if its single-use-coupon. 

We have created a guide to help you to pass this obstacle and ensure your inventory is not at risk in an effortless way – Here is the complete guide for how to limit the max order quantity of your Amazon product.

Once you create your promotion, you already get massive exposure. 

To maximize the potential and expose is to more people, the first tip is to increase the discount, the recommended discount is at least 75%. 

The 2nd tip is to use the “Bump” feature. Every 5 hours, you can boost your product exposure and place your promotion at the top of the deals page.
Click here to learn more about the Bump feature.

3rd, You can also use our Facebook Groups and post your promotions.

If it’s your first time selling products at, I’m sure you were shocked when you see all the options.

But don’t worry!

We made a unique guide for you, step by step, how to get “one-time-use” coupons! Click here to get the manual.