Why Amazon SEO is super-Important for Sellers

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 3 Reasons why your product isn’t showing on page #1
  • What is Amazon SEO?
  • How Amazon SEO can help you with selling on Amazon?
  • How to promote products to the first pages on Amazon using SEO?
  • Recommended Tools for a great Amazon SEO

Selling on Amazon can be so frustrating sometimes. Especially for new products, not even mention new sellers. Amazon SEO is not usually considered, but it can change your business if its made right.

Let’s say you have launched a new product. You have made serious research, designed beautiful product, listing page, took incredibly creative photos…
It’s time to launch the product and… nothing.


Page 20 on on the main keyword search results? Maybe.

Why my product is not showing on the first page?” is the most common question of every Amazon Seller.

There are many reasons why your product is not on the first page, let’s count some of them:

3 Reasons why your product isn’t showing on page #1

  • New Product – Seniority is not the most important thing, but you can see that new products are almost cannot be found on the first pages for main keywords searches. Amazon can trust on products with sales history, they can tell if the product is relevant for this keyword or not based on previous sales. There is no reason to take down a product that sells great on some keyword.
  • Irrelevant price – the common opinion is that the lowest price shows first. Quick research on Amazon can tell that it’s not right. But, you must be relevant to the first pages prices. If your product priced higher than all of your competitors on the first page, and there is no justification for it (Basic product, no extras, no differentiation) you might get to the first page using keyword promotions but you will not stay there for long, no matter how many products you distribute.
  • Un-optimized listing page – If you like to be found on the first page results in the keyword you want to be promoted, the keyword must be shown on relevant places of your listing page – Title, Bullet point, Description. Add to your TO-DO list a task to check if it’s there. If not, the time has come.

We can count many more reasons, but it’s better to talk about solutions than problems. Continue reading for more valuable information

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What is Amazon SEO?

Online businesses are based on exposure and traffic.
We all selling on Amazon because of their Amazingly relevant traffic.
But, if no one sees your product on the first pages results, it doesn’t matter.

Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization), regards to all of the actions you take in order to be shown higher in the search results.

How Amazon SEO can help you with selling on Amazon?

A good thing to know: Some of the shoppers avoid sponsored ads automatically, a phenomenon called Banner Blindness.

Just like people trust the first organic results on Google, they also know that Amazon does the best as possible to show the most relevant results for each keyword search.

Focusing on Amazon SEO can bring you more sales organically – without paying Amazon for advertising. That’s why Getting a piece from Amazon’s traffic without paying anything is an irreplaceable asset.

Another great way of getting more sales using SEO is by using PPC campaigns. Your products can be shown twice in the search results which is a huge advantage on your competitors.

Amazon search results, same product showed up twice - Amazon SEO and PPC
Same product on the first page results

How to promote products to the first pages on Amazon using SEO?

There are many ways to promote your product to the first pages, here are some tips and hacks for Amazon Sellers

  1. Listing Optimization – Add the most relevant keywords to your listing page, including title, first bullet, and description. Let Amazon know this keyword is relevant to your product.
  2. Spying on your competitor’s listings – Follow your competitors and learn what they do in order to be on the first pages. What is the average price on the first page? Where the main keyword is showing on their listing?
  3. Keyword Promotions – Promote long-tail keywords that include the main keyword. When you show up on the first pages for long-tail keywords, the main keyword is also being promoted.
  4. PPC – Exact phrases to the main keyword + long-tail keywords can help your SEO. After hundreds of tests, we found a direct connection between PPC campaigns and the organic sales increase that comes with it.
  5. Google SEO – Promote your website and brand with the keywords you want to promote on Amazon. Write high-quality content for your products outside of Amazon and refer it to your listing page. Amazon loves outside traffic – and it sure helps.
Keyword positions for 2 weeks tracking
Keyword Promotions using RB Deals and KW Tracker

Listing Optimization & Amazon Keyword Research

Helium 10 has great tools for Listing optimization and long-tail keyword research. It is highly recommended to read our recent blog post about promoting products on Amazon using Helium 10

Exclusive Discount for Helium 10:
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Helium 10 Cerebro Keyword Finder Guide
Helium 10 Cerebro Tool for Keyword Research

Competitors Spying

There are many product research platforms, but we have found an Amazing startup for Market research for Amazon (US only for this time)
This tool called Totallitix, and its a startup made to track your competition’s actions at any time. Keyword positions, Reviews, Market-share, main images, prices and more. You will be able to know what is the best price for page one and what image get more sales.

The price is still a launch price so there are no discounts at this time, but 14 days free trial.

Amazon Keyword Tracker - Totalitix Dashboard for Amazon Sellers -Amazon Keyword Tracker - Totalitix Dashboard for Amazon Sellers - Tools for Amazon Sellers
Totallitix Dashboard

Keywords Promotions

RB Deals is definitely one of the greatest keywords promotions tools in the world. By using RB Deals you can promote your products to the first pages using coupon codes & Super URL, get reviews outside of Amazon and many more. Using Helium 10 you can learn how many coupons to send via Juicer.Deals . Click here to learn how to use RB Deals

Amazon Promotions for Amazon Sellers using Helium 10 Discount 50% off

For summary,
Amazon SEO is important, getting sales organically it’s fantastic.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question!

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