What is the Bump function and how to use it properly?

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As you probably feel, Juicer.Deals is growing super-fast on a daily basis. 2 Years ago we have started with 2-5 promotions a day, and today, Each day we have a minimum of 500 new promotions.

Some of you know that the promotion you have uploaded in the morning, already on page 10 when at noon.

Not anymore.

Now, you can bump your promotions every 5 hours to the first page, and get more exposure to your promotions without re-uploading them.

How does it work?

Very simple, all you need to do, is to place the mouse over your promotion and click on “BUMP”

The Promotion will be posted on the first page again and will get much more exposure.
You can bump your promotion Every 5 hours.

Have any more suggestions? tips? feedbacks? please contact us, and we will do our BEST to make Juicer.Deals the best place for you!

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    1. Hi, the bump function is now fully automatic.
      Once a day for free members, and 3 times a day for VUP members.

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