Coupon requests tab

Hi, let’s see how coupon requests work and how to send coupons!
So, you uploaded a promotion:
live promotion

Hope! New request!! Click on Requests and check who asked for a coupon.
coupon request

Here is the request!
What can you see here?
Date of the request (expired within 7 days)
Buyer name (Link to profile) + Juicer.Deals Ranking (#1 is the best, Top 100 are green colored)
Approve / Reject option.
example request

What information can you get from the buyer’s profile?
1. Verified Phone – Next to the name, you will see his VP badge. it means the buyer verified his phone number.
Why it’s good for you to know that?
Because verified phone can be used only for one account. there is no option to verified the same phone number for more than 1 account. We recommend approving VP buyers before other buyers.
2. #Rank – As lower the number, the ranking is better. #1 will be the best.
The ranking based on buyer activity on Juicer.Deals.
Purchasing within 24 hours, writing high-quality reviews, photos and videos, and more.
We recommend approving Top Rankers first.
3. Country
4. Social media platforms – Before your approve, Check the buyer’s profile and his social media platforms.
Check his recent reviews and see how many followers he has.
5. “Send me a coupon” – You can offer the buyer a coupon for another item you promote on Juicer.Deals. (Buyer can get an offer only once per ASIN, so use it carefully)
6. About – some of the buyers share a bit about themselves, where they like to review, how long the review and what items they would like to review.
Robert profile

Now, all you left to do is to choose if to approve or reject the request, based on the information you got from his profile.

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