How To Create a Landing Page for Collecting Emails

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Welcome to the complete guide on how to create a Landing page with Juicer.Deals Email Collector!

Within less than a minute you can set up an attractive Landing page that you can advertise to your followers, and on relevant Groups all over the web.

How to set up a beautiful Landing Page successfully:

Product Information:

  • On the Seller Menu > Landing Pages > Create New
  • Choose Marketplace:
  • Add ASIN and click on “Find Me”
    You will see the product Picture, Title, Category, and Price automatically, in case the item can’t be found on Amazon, you will be required to add this information manually.

Promotion Information:

  • Set Your Brand name
  • Add Keyword
  • Choose the discount you’d like to give
  • add coupons

For Example:


Click on Publish and Done! The Landing Page is ready and you can share it with your Followers!

Here is how to Landing Page looks from the shopper’s side:

A shopper can see how many requests there were, how many coupons worked and how many didn’t.
Make sure you are adding Valid, Working Coupons – Non-working coupons might shut down the option to create Landing pages.

This is how the promotion looks from your side:


As written in the integration guide, there is a MailChimp Tag: B01EVQSK28-US. You will be able to create a specific Follow up Campaigns for each product.

The Mail Collector can be one of your most-efficient marketing Tool with proper use, make sure to use the emails you collect smartly.

Important to know:

  • You can create up to 3 Landing pages for Each ASIN at the same time.
  • When you create more than one landing page for one ASIN, the discount must be different.
  • You can share your Landing pages on our Facebook groups for free exposure:

Create a New Landing Page >>

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