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What is “Mass Offer”?

The Mass Offer will allow you to send coupons to our Top Shoppers at once.
You can offer your item to our Top 50, 100, 150, 200.

How does it work?

Juicer.Deals Bloggers a sorted by ranking when #1 is the best ranking on Juicer.Deals, for each country.
As a seller, you have the option to offer codes to our top bloggers through their profile, here.

Instead of sending it manually to all of the top bloggers, the Mass offer does that for you, 100% hands-off.

Once you set up a mass offer promotion,  the coupons will be sent immediately to our top shoppers, based on their Juicer.Deals ranking. The Ranking is based on their actions on Juicer.Deals and their review qualities. The shoppers can approve or decline our offer – but no worries – it will be sent to the next ranked shopper.

Note: The Minimum discount is 75% OFF.

Why is it good?

There are a few reasons why it’s better to use the Mass Offer.

  • By creating a Mass-Offer promotion, you will not miss any top shopper.
  • The best reviewers and bloggers are at the top. By creating a mass offer your codes will be sent to the best reviewers without waiting for them to request it.
  • Increase the sales rank for the long term.
  • Keyword promotions are available for Mass offer Promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements?

  • Minimum discount: 75% off
  • Our recommendation – 80% – 90% off
  • Valid coupons for at least 14 days

Is it sure to get an order for each coupon?

It is not sure – but it is the highest claiming rate. By creating a regular promotion, there are many other factors who affect the claiming rate as to how long does it take to approve the request, how many products the shopper bought on the same day, and sometimes the just regret. The claiming rate for regular promotion stands at 70% for deeply discounted promotions. Using the mass offer the claiming rate is up to 100%.

How long does it take to send all the coupons out?

Once you create a Mass Offer Promotion the coupons will be sent out immediately. The offer will expire within 24 hours if the shopper didn’t open the coupon, and will be offered to the next Ranked shopper. For example: offering to the top #50 shoppers, and ranked #31 didn’t open the code within 24 hours. the code will be sent to the ranked #51 and so on.

What will happen if the shopper will decline my request?

Once a shopper declines your request the coupon will be sent immediately to the next ranked shopper.

I have created a Mass offer for top #50 and now I want to create for Top #200 for the same ASIN, what will happen?

You can create a new mass offer for the same ASIN, provided that all of the coupons from the older Mass offer has opened. Once you create a 2nd Mass offer, the coupons will be sent to all of the Top Shoppers who didn’t receive your offer before. If You created a mass offer for Top #50, and eventually it ends on the Top #76 (Declines, expires), The mass offer will stand from Ranked #77 and so on.

What are the requirements for creating a Mass offer promotion?

There are to requirements to create a Mass Offer promotion:
1. Having the right credit for the Mass offer.
2. The discount has to be between 75% – 100% off from the reasonable price on Amazon.

Raising the original price on Amazon will only cause to having a low claiming rate and missing the Top shoppers for this ASIN.
You can purchase credits here.

Which Countries the Mass offer supports?

The Mass offer for Top #50 supports, ca, uk, de, es, it, and fr.
Top #100 and #150 are available for and UK only.
Top #200 is available for only.

What if I made a mistake and my coupons are wrong?

If all of the coupons are reported as not working, you can have a full refund for your credit, but you will not be able to offer the item again to the top shoppers. Make sure to create working coupons and wait at least 4 hours before you create the Mass Offer promotion since you create the coupons.

Getting started

Step 1: Purchase credits here

Once you purchase a credit you will see it in the top right corner, next to your name.

mass offer credits
mass offer credits

Step 2: Use the credit on Mass offer page:

mass offer gold credit

Step 3: Create Promotion

  • Choose Marketplace
  • Add ASIN
  • Choose discount
  • Add a keyword to promote
  • Add Coupons

Make sure to limit the Max order Quantity of the product before you send the coupons.
Once you send the Mass Offer its impossible to reverse it – Make sure the information is correct.

Create Mass Offer


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