How to edit Promotion

Hi, parts of the information are always can be changed as the promotion’s date, adding more coupons and changing the keyword promotion.
Place the mouse over the promotion and click on “Edit”
edit promotion

Changing the date:
changing date

Adding coupons:
adding coupons
(Coupons cannot be removed. you can only add coupon to your existing coupons list)

Changing promotion’s keyword:
edit promotion keyword

You can activate/deactivate  the automatic approval when you edit promotion:
enable automatic approvals
Choose who will be approved automatically:
Top 50#, 300#  #500 #1000 or Everyone.
choose automatic approvals


Make sure to limit your max order quantity, automatic approval mean you can’t explore the shopper’s profile before he gets the coupon. you can learn how to limit the MOQ here.
We do not recommend to set up “Everyone” for deeply discounted promotions; 30% – 60% is the recommendation.


Discount & Price cannot be changed. In order to change discount – Remove the promotion and create a new promotion with the desired discount. If the price is wrong, please contact us and we will change it based on the price on Amazon.

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    1. Hi, there is no option to change the discount after you created the promotion. You can always archive the promotion and create a new one with a new discount.

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