Daily requests limit

How does the daily limit work?

  • You may ask for up to 15 coupons a day,
  • Once you reached 15 coupon requests, you will not be able to request more coupons until the next day.
  • The counter will be reset at 00:00 AM PST, every day.

Why is it necessary?

There are few reasons why we decided to limit the daily amount of coupon requests:

  1. Our first requirement is to purchase the item within 24 hours of receiving the Amazon coupon. when requesting a big amount of coupons, you may not be able to purchase all the items at once.
  2. Shopper’s Ranking manipulation – Some parts of rank is based on the number of successful purchases and reviews. Now, the Ranking will be more affected by the quality of the reviews than the number of them.
  3. Avoiding fake requests  – In order to avoid scammers that will receive coupons instead of legit shoppers, we have limited the number of requests to lower the damage.

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  1. I am a member but can NOT get a coupon. I have ask several times why, and never get an answer. Please respond.


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