Automatic approvals – how does it work?

Hello there!
Today we have uploaded a new feature for sellers and shoppers, automatic approvals!
Sellers will be able to choose who will get the code without an approval, based on your Juicer.Deals Ranking!
Another good reason to boost your Rank 🙂

How does it work?

Every Juicer.Deals member has its own Ranking, the highest Rank for each country is #1. When you ask for a coupon, the seller first checks your Ranking and then your profile, now, the seller can pre-approve your request! There are 5 different levels of auto-approvals.

Why is it good?

A. Approvals all day long, and not only during the seller’s working hours.
B. New Juicer.Deals members who would like to increase their ranking, but don’t get approvals.
C. No longer waiting! A request can be approved within up to 7 days – No more.
D. As Higher your ranking – more pre-approved coupons!

How does it look like?

A. Instant deal: Everyone can get the coupon without the seller’s approval.

B. Top #50, 300, 500, and 1000 – Shoppers with Ranking higher than the written number will be approved automatically.

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