I got an approval, what next? Coupon page guide

Woohoo! You got an approval 🙂
So, what should you do?
The first requirement is to purchase the item within 24 hours of approval. so make sure to log in to your account before it expires. By clicking on “Show Coupons” you accept the requirements.

Approved coupon

The Coupon Page

Coupon page

The coupon page includes all the information about the promotion:

A. Approval date, product name, discount information and seller’s profile link.

B. Keyword Promotion: in order to help the seller to promote his product as much as possible, you can search the keyword on Amazon manually. Most of the sellers will add their brand name so you will be able to find it on the first page. If you cannot find it, you can use the link in the top right corner of the coupon page. click on the copy sign on the right side will automatically copy the keyword so all you left to do is paste it into the amazon’s search line.
C. The Amazon coupon:

D. the most important part: Did the coupon work?
By choosing “yes”, add the order # from Amazon, so the seller will know you bought it, and other shoppers will see the success rate of this product.
If the coupon doesn’t work, mark “No” and select the reason it didn’t work on Amazon:

The seller will get your report and will be able to send you a new code to your mail/notifications on the website.

E. If you opened the coupon and you decided you don’t want to use the code, click on the grey button:
Using this button will hurt your Juicer.Deals rating, and can ban your account.

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  1. Linda Stevens

    How do I find out if they got the links to the reviews I did.

  2. shanda clark

    I need help I got approved for something but there is no coupon at all help please!!

  3. Bobbett Jascor

    My coupon did not work on the item at the price that matched your site, so I reported it as not working. Then I decided to try it on the same product sold by someone else (at a different price), and it did work. So I paid a little more for the item, but it was still a deal. How do I undo the fact that I said it didn’t work so I can send in my order # and then write a review in a few weeks?

  4. Misty Dials

    This link does not work for personal support and I need personal support

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