How to create seller account on Juicer.Deals?

Hi! creating a seller account is very simple, first, fill the required fields here:

Once you click on register, you will get to this page:
Check your Email Inbox if you have received an email from us. If you haven’t, contact [email protected] with the email you registered with.
The Email should look like that:
Email Confirmed successfully! 🙂

You can login here

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    Hello,i want to know every account only can be used by one Amazon account?

    1. Hello, a seller account can promote one brand each time, and use 3 different stores for the automatic emails. com, UK, and JP

  2. Hi I want to know how to cancel an account as we have created 3 accounts for one brand and now they all can’t work

    1. Hi, multiple free accounts are not allowed on Juicer Deals, You can only use one account per brand.
      If you have multiple blocked accounts, you can join as a VIP on one of them, and our team will help you transfer the information from the other accounts.

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