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Hello there,

We are so happy to announce that we have released our new tool for Amazon sellers – Landing pages creator for collecting Emails – In exchange for Amazon coupons!

Many of our members asked us how can Amazon Sellers get the original Email address of their customers?
Well, Amazon doesn’t share this information with Sellers, but, you can collect them by yourself!

Would you like to have the original Emails of your Customers?
Create a Beautiful Landing Page for Amazon buyers, distribute single-use Amazon Coupons automatically – with a discount between 5% to 100% off, and get Email addresses in exchange.

Contact your Buyers directly, without any limitations, can benefit you in many ways:

  • Ask for Amazon Reviews
  • Ask to follow you on Social Media
  • Send Customers to visit your Website
  • Share Deals & Promotions
  • And much more…

How does it work?

When setting up the Landing Page, you can add up to 300 Coupons to be distributed to Amazon shoppers.

When the shopper claims the code, he must verify his email in exchange.

The Email will be added automatically to your MailChimp List, sorted by ASIN and Country for the best experience!
Don’t have a MailChimp account? you can create one here.

How to connect your MailChimp account to Juicer.Deals:

In order to create Landing Pages, first, you should connect a MailChimp account to your Juicer.Deals account.
MailChimp allows you to Send 12,000 Emails to up to 2000 subscribers using the free version.
Don’t have a MailChimp account? you can create one here.

Step 1: Connect your MailChimp account


Once you click on “Connect” You should log in to your MailChimp account:


Step 2:  Create a List for your Subscribers:

In order to start getting Email addresses, Create A list named rank-booster
The emails will be added to that list, with a different Tags for each ASIN.

Create a new Mail List >>

The 2 fields you must fill so it will work perfectly:

  • List Name: rank-booster
  • Remind people how they signed up to your list:
    We send Special offers to customers who received a coupon for us via Juicer.Deals


More information is required as a business name, address, etc…

Once you have done creating the list, named rank-booster, click on “Verify” to continue:



Step 3: Create a Landing Page:

Great! You are now all set up, and you can create 3 Landing Pages for Each ASIN, with different discounts at the same time.


Why is it Good?

Super-Specific Advertising

Send accurate emails to those who purchased a specific item:

  • Create Follow-up messages with relevant Deals and Offers.
    For Example, if you sell Baby Cloths and a customer purchased a shirt, you can send them a personal offer for another item from this collection.
  • The Emails can be used for Re-Marketing porpuses on Social Media platforms.
  • You can add to your Landing Pages Facebook Pixel & Google Re-marketing tags for creating a Super-Specific Audience.

A list for each ASIN

The Email Addresses are being Tagged for Each ASIN and Country.
You can send specific offers to Shoppers who purchased one or more ASINs and divide it by country.
You will see it like that on your list: ASIN-Country

100% Content Control

The Email list is a unique list, Your List, with permission to receive ads and request.

  • No TOS
  • No adjustments
  • No one scans your Emails.

For example, you can drive traffic to your own website using the newsletter, ask them to like your page on Facebook or follow you on Instagram, Share YouTube videos with your members and ask them to Review your item Anywhere you want.

So, What are you Waiting For?

Create a New Landing Page >> 

(Learn how to create an Email Collector Landing Page for Amazon Products here)


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