About promotion detail pages

Hi! Welcome to our Promotion Page information guide!
So, what information can you find on every promotion page?
Let’s start by taking a look at the promotions page:

So, from the top to the bottom:

A. Product name – Q bar Accessories Whiskey Stones – Gift box w’ 9 black Basalt Cube Chilling Rocks – Velvet Storage Pouch – Liquor and Wine Cooler – No More Taste Of Water – Premium Wooden Box – Free Ebook Bonus
B. Seller/Brand name – Sold by: Qbar Accessories (By clicking on the seller’s name you will see the seller’s profile, website, Facebook page and other promotions.
C. Original Price:$ 15.95 – The Original sale price on Amazon.
D. Discount: 30% – The Discount’s percentage.
E. Discounted price: $11.16 – The price after using the coupon.
F. Success rate – How many coupons worked, based on other shopper’s experience.
G. ASK FOR A COUPON – Clicking on this button will send a request to the seller with your Juicer.deals profile.
H. VIEW ON AMAZON – Clicking on this button will take you to Amazon’s product page, there you can see more information about the product and shipping cost.
I. Requirements – Our requirements for this promotion. The requirements might be changed from time to time.
J. KEEP ME UPDATED – Clicking on this button will subscribe you to desktop/mobile notifications and other great promotions.
K. PREVIOUS/NEXT – Clicking on those buttons will take you to other promotions from the same category.

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