About “My Coupons” tab

Hi, when you ask for a coupon, your request will appear under “My Coupons” tab.
There are 3 different sections: Approved coupons, pending requests, and disapproved coupons.

My Coupons Tab

Pending Coupons:

Pending Requests – before the approval

You can cancel the request by clicking the Cancel Request button:

Cancel request button

Approved Coupons:

Approved Coupon

There are 24-48 hours until the approval expired.
In case you are not interested in the coupon after your approval, you can return the code to the seller.
* Expired coupons will hurt your Juicer.Deals Ranking.
*Returning the coupon before you clicked on “Show Coupons” will not hurt your ranking.

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  1. Sharon Trigg

    I have just used my coupon but it will not let me submit yes that my coupon worked and that I purchased the item, please let me know why I cannot do this, I press on yes and submit but nothing happens


      Sometimes you have to scroll down the page to get a text box.

  2. Ashley

    If coupon says $1.00 should it be $1.00 with shipping or without? I’m finding that some of these have shipping. So I have been marking wrong price is this correct?


    I was approved for: Solar Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor…
    The coupon code was *Expired*… I placed a report.
    I received an email with another code. . . . I tried to use the new code—
    and it IS EXPIRED too! – – – Both codes were used Before 24 hours of issue.

    1. Hi Angel, in that case, we are checking if there are more coupons like that and if they do, we remove the promotion, thank you for the info

  4. Christine

    I had 2 coupons that would not work, I reported them, the seller submitted 2 new coupons and they still do not work. Can you help me with this?

  5. Lance Madigan

    I ordered two watches (one black, one white, but other than that, the same), and Amazon put them on the same order number, but now I can’t clear the “action required” (says I have the wrong order number). I tried refreshing, and a different browser (the first cleared fine, so I am guessing the system thinks the “Order Number” was already used).

  6. S

    I can’t change coupons to say yes if they worked and sometimes it still doesn’t work, but there’s no way to report it again since it automatically just says no. Sometimes sellers send several codes that are invalid, but I notice my ranking goes down when it happens.

    1. Hi, as long you are reporting non-working codes, you are all good. Be aware that ranking is no up to you alone, and it’s calculated based on all of Juicer.Deals members.

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