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As an Amazon Seller, making money is a fundamental component of your business. Finding a way to make it work is as essential as sleeping. What if there’s a way to make your business grow on another channel? Yes, in today’s diversified ordinal options, nothing is impossible. Marketing on Facebook is prevalent for Amazon Sellers. If you think about it, Facebook went from being anonymous decades ago to the biggest social media with over a billion of active users. So let’s get you started in taking advantage of this amazing platform that Facebook can offer.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Create your Amazon Seller business page

Facebook has such a large user base cannot be ignored when it comes to marketing. An average user spends a minimum of fifty minutes on Facebook every day, and you can bet your ideal market is on this site every day. Facebook offers a great tool where you can advertise to your target market’s age group, gender, location, educational attainment and even the device they use. The ad range has a compelling framework. Although ad campaigns can get expensive, surely it is proven to deliver desirable results.

If done right, your Facebook page can generate a rewarding outcome that can get you a step closer to your goal. To maintain and earn more followers, post useful information on your page related to your product, coupon codes for fans to get discounted rates, links to your blogs, press releases, free downloadable items and engaging or trending page related posts. Getting followers involved in your page will build loyalty.

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One tool that is very useful for Amazon sellers is Facebook Pixel. Facebook ads are now the go-to marketing tool for most eCommerce business. You can customize your audience and retarget consumers that have done business with you. Those who have engaged with you in the past are likely to do business again. Pixel is a snippet of code provided by Facebook. The code is installed on a web page that tracks those who visits your landing page in your Facebook ad. This tool allows you to build a custom audience from your website for re-marketing. Pixel is also used in optimizing your ads for higher conversion and tracks conversion back to your ads to measure its effectiveness. This is a cool way to record and make the most out of the money you spend on Facebook ads.

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Exclusivity Through a Niche

Manage a Facebook group that attracts fanatics of your product.

Facebook groups are created to form a strong online community bond. A well-managed group that sets a clear goal for its members are likely to succeed. Finding groups of a niche fanatics on Facebook is as easy as searching a “cute cat” on Google. The goal here is to impress, interact, make engaging posts and be part of your market’s crowd. Once trust is built it is easy to promote your product. Online communities connect businesses with brand ambassadors and advocates that can promote your product. The exclusivity a Facebook group provides satiates the natural need of people that want to belong. Once that hunger is satisfied, you got a loyal base of followers.

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Create an Email List

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If you haven’t heard of MailChimp and Facebook integration yet, better check this out. This is by far an outstanding way to use your social media traffic to your advantage. Asking for an email sign up in exchange for a discount coupon or a product deal is a smart way to market your product. To get started, integrate Facebook with MailChimp through your profile then add your pages. Increase your mailing list and campaigns by adding a sign-up form on your page. For now, this is only applicable to the desktop version of Facebook and not yet feasible on their mobile app.

You can create MailChimp account here >>

Take Advantage of Facebook live

Facebook live has been on for awhile. Recently there is an influx of entrepreneurs going live on Facebook. In a world with increasing technology, human interaction has evolved and the desire for genuine connection matters.

Consumers always have queries, broadcasting live and answering common questions addresses this gap and is good for business. They also feel distinguished when you showcase them something exclusive. Broadcasting live while answering your viewer’s concerns feeds your followers ego, in return, they will be loyal and continue to provide your business. Your followers can spread awareness by sharing your post, reviewing your page and by simply liking or making a comment when you broadcast. This method can spread awareness like wildfire in their network.

Sep up Your Facebook Posting Strategy

Posts on Facebook can be as elusive and diminish for some. However, it shows that investing more research on quality posts have better results over quantity. One or two quality posts a day can show an impressive increase in reach and engagement. Also, posts that provide both entertainment and education shows to be most popular across categories. Because a well-researched post provides your audience a peculiar piece worthy of their time.

Brand awareness and engagements on a post is also a staple strategy. Contents that drive engagements build an active audience. This audience will go to your posts for trusted educational and entertainment contents. Then, it will be easier for you to deliver a piece of brand content that will increase your product awareness.

Another strategy is boosting posts. We always see these suggestions to boost a post on our page with just a click and few twitches. If you have quality contents then the boost will deliver a desirable reach. As these contents are already performing well. The boost will take it to a higher and a profuse reach. Focus on boosting quality contents that are doing well and it sure is worth every dollar. Using the Facebook Pixel Audience for boosting posts can have a much stronger effect.

Facebook is a powerful and flexible tool that can help you grow your business. The number of options that you can customize can be overwhelming but with the right strategy and experiment, you will find one that works for you. It may take some time to get familiar with its features, but it surely is invaluable. Though not all strategy and features will work, just keep an open mind. The key is to make use of hypothesis and research and think like your consumer.

Invest time in research, gathering of ideas and customize quality posts based on your target market. It is also important to collide with trends and be savvy in your marketing. Facebook offers a whole new capacity of reaching your business goals as it is believed that Facebook is here to stay for decades to come.

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