How to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Brand

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Today we talk about love and your business. Cheesy right? How can love be associated to a pragmatic topic, you might think. Let me tell you, never underestimate the power of love. Have you ever wondered how someone you know gets to love Nike shoes that are willing to spend a fortune on the newest Nike sneakers? Probably you can’t start your day without that Starbucks latte on your side table. These products spark emotions within us that makes you value their existence. You are definitely not alone.

According to research, the connections we make with brands can be as emotional and deep as the relationship we have with people. You are familiar with summer flings, you probably realize you had a wild-short term fling with a certain brand. But then there’s this one brand or product you developed respect and understanding that you seem to need each other as long as you are “in love”.

It is important for your marketers to foster a commitment and emotional connection with your market base. Focus on keeping that long-term relationship rather than a short-term single purchase. Make your customers feel special, create a bond and put emphasis on creating a long-term commitment from your customers.

Here are my suggestions for keeping customers to maintain a long-term commitment to your brands that evolve with your market base.

Know One’s Self

Just like any relationship you build. It starts with yourself, your brand. Know who you are as a brand, what is it that you have that can keep your customer stay with you “long-term”. You probably have created a directive of how your brand should be communicated, but does it connect with your customer? Find and create that deep bond with your brand and discover that one thing that will stay in the heart and mind of your customer. It is said that you find the essence of your existence in an unusual place, let’s give that a try with your brand.

Know Your Market

Almost all brand has an ideal market base. A group of customers that can feel your brand was specifically made for them. Consider these group as an individual and find that ideal customer through their functional, emotional, social needs, and perfect the match between those needs and what your brand offers. Talk and listen to your customers to determine that emotional space that can differentiate your brand from your competition.

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Extraordinary Meeting

You often heard “The first Impression Last”, so it is with your brand. Those few first times your buyer meets your brand dictates the relationship’s potential, either a closed deal or try again next time. Think about it for a second, those buyers who fall in love with your brand becomes your preachers who can spread good words about your product and influence others. Target these influencers and make them feel special. Once trust and loyalty were established they become your marketers, minus the payroll.

The Power of Reviews

Have you ever bought a product introduced by a friend? It is very common for customers to advocate brands that were exemplified to them by someone they already know or trust. These referrals don’t have to come solely from mutual connections, it comes in many forms. Online reviews play a major role in the customer’s buying decision. So much for Amazon sellers, where a review is a brand’s sustenance. Online reviews highlight the positive and negative aspects of your brand. Online customer reviews are widely used by internet users to make buying decisions. It is important for a brand to create a balance, maintain a response ideal and leverage positive reviews.

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Maintain High Quality

Trust and loyalty are big words, but this should be one of your brand’s core. It is difficult to build trust but with consistently high-quality products and services, you can achieve this. Do not let your customers down by running short on quality. Keep offering high-quality products over time and your customer’s trust is going to grow and become loyal to your brand. Just like many relationships, trust and loyalty are what keeps them going through the years.

Exclusive Promotions

Give your brand that distinct exclusivity especially for your brand ambassadors. This is the key to returning loyal customers. Reward them for buying your product and promoting your brand. Be it a discount coupon, loyalty rewards, freebies and any other forms of special incentives. Sometimes though, a personal thank you matters more. After all, it’s the thoughtfulness that counts. So go ahead, be creative, give your customers your personal touch – human touch, and keep them coming back.

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When your customers take your brand and proudly carry it forward for you, it’s more powerful than any marketing campaign. This is the best brand marketing. Nowadays, brands communicate the products at such a higher value, focusing on customer experience. Preserve your brand’s value high, maintain and keep a personal human touch towards your customers and keep them “in love”. Should take your brand soaring high.

Netzah Elad Topaz

Netzah Elad Topaz

Data-based trading and marketing expert. Living and breathing Amazon. Juicer.Deals founder and partner with other SaaS companies. Believe in traditional trading with innovative marketing tools, while competition being the most crucial part of trading. Over the past four years, launched and promoted over 50,000 different products in different categories through Juicer.Deals.

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