3 Ways to Spread Out Amazon Coupons for Amazon Sellers

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As you know, every product on Amazon is own a Best Seller Ranking (BSR).

What does BSR mean on Amazon?

The BSR organizes all the products on Amazon from 1 to millions based on the number of recent purchases the product has made. Your BSR calculated based on the number of orders your product has compared to other products in the same category or subcategory. You can see it as your current state of how good are your sales. Best Seller on Amazon is the product with the BSR #1 in the category or Sub-Category.

You can find the BSR on Every product listing page, for example:


How can I become a Best Seller?

According to the Amazon A9 algorithm and many Amazon Top Sellers, all you need to do is to sell more products. Obviously, there is something behind it, it makes sense, but is it really helps new sellers to sell more?

New sellers are under a lot of pressure to make quick sales and get more reviews. If they will not do that, their products will stay on pages 500 and more, where no one will see it without Sponsored Advertisements.

Juicer.deals has the ability to increase your BSR dramatically when you use it the right way.

How can I increase my BSR?

New and experienced sellers are always looking for ways to promote their brands and products. One of the most common ways to do so is to offer Amazon coupons. Amazon recently declared that any attempt of manipulation on its search engine or algorithm is contrary to their Terms of Service, but using coupons remains the most frequent and safest strategy to promote products on Amazon.

With our promotions & Mass offer functions, you can run promotions for any product you sell on Amazon. New shoppers will buy your products, increasing your sales, and BSR signals A9 to consider increasing your rankings.

After 2 years of activity, thousands of sellers and hundreds of thousands of distributed coupons, we analyzed and collected for you the top three most common and effective strategies for Amazon coupon distribution.

1. Fixed coupons amount distribution

One common strategy is sending a constant amount of coupons over time. The quantity of coupons differs between sellers. Some experienced sellers send 10-50 on a daily basis and some new sellers who send 3-4 coupons a day and you can still notice the effect.


  • • A relatively rapid increase of BSR (Best Seller Ranking).
    • A representative data of stability and rank that can have a positive effect on your BSR after distributing.

The Effect:

At the beginning of your spread out you will notice that the BSR increases nicely, but after some time, using the coupons only, the BSR will reach saturation. The BSR represents the number of sales relative to other sellers, so the spread out will promote your product but only up to some limited level.

Amazon Coupons- Strategy 1

How to improve the effect:

  • Towards the end of the distribution, while the BSR is slowing down, it’s recommended to launch a PPC campaign and send high-quality traffic to your Amazon Listing from other sources such as Facebook ads, Google AdWords, Website and etc.
  • Sending Amazon coupons with different levels of discount (80%, 85%, 90%, 95% or 99%).

2. Massive distribution of Amazon coupons

The most common strategy is to send out a massive amount of coupons – about 100-200 coupons at once.


  • It causes an instant increase in the BSR.
  • Promotes the product in the main category.

The Effect:

In the beginning, you will notice a significant increase in the BSR, but it will decrease rapidly. The effect of this kind of distribution holds up for up to 30-45 days after the promotion has ended. After 30-45 days you will be able to see the rising of the BSR.

Amazon Coupons - Strategy 2

How to improve the effect:

  • Sending Amazon coupons with different levels of discount (80%, 85%, 90%, 95% or 99%).
  • Creating coupons with lower levels of discount (30%-75%) and promoting the product simultaneously with the distribution of a constant coupon during the first 30-45 days after the promotion has ended.

3. Growing distribution amount

An effective but expensive strategy is to gradually raise the number of coupons you send out, starting with 1 coupon a day, growing to 2, 3, 4, 6, X, Y, Z… and so on.


  • A “natural and healthy” way to increase the BSR.
  • Crating a representation of a “Rising Star”

The Effect:

This strategy is especially useful for new sellers and items, who can start by sending one Amazon Coupon a day. The effect will increase the BSR on a daily basis, and after the distribution ended, the BSR will stabilize a bit lower than the Peak, for some time.

Amazon promo codes- Strategy 3

How to improve the effect:

  • Since this strategy is mainly for new Amazon sellers, you can create an automated PPC campaign to gain data and sales that will remain the effect after the distribution has ended.
  • As a new seller, make sure you send a Follow-up email with a review request – to all of your customers.

It is important to note that:

  • The information does not refer to Keyword Promotions. It has been checked only for direct rates of BSR and Category promotions.
  • The data is based on real coupons spread outs of both old and new products.
  • The data presented on the pictures are for illustration only.
  • Try our Coupon Sender and take full control of your sales.
Netzah Elad Topaz

Netzah Elad Topaz

Data-based trading and marketing expert. Living and breathing Amazon. Juicer.Deals founder and partner with other SaaS companies. Believe in traditional trading with innovative marketing tools, while competition being the most crucial part of trading. Over the past four years, launched and promoted over 50,000 different products in different categories through Juicer.Deals.

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