Follow up email setup – Add new product

Setting up your follow up email should take a few minutes only, and after that, you will be able to send follow up emails to all of your Amazon customers!

First, click on the “Review Booster” tab, or click here

add the required information, here you will find the guide how to find the information on Amazon:
For, and guide, click here
For,,, and guide, click here
For guide, click here

Once you added the required information, you will be able to add products to your follow up email sender:
Click on “Add new product” or click here:
add new product

Choose the required marketplace:
(Marketplaces will be available based on the information you have added earlier), you can always add the information here.

Add the ASIN and verify the information, then click “Continue”:
verify information

Your product has been added! Now you can schedule a new follow up message >>


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  1. jessie

    if my products have coupons 20% and code 50% discount , shall is it mean I should choose 70% discount when creat a promotion ?

    1. Hi, no. you should choose 20%, and the coupon will be added automatically.
      Please note that the minimum code on Juicer.Deals has to be at least 30% off.

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