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Table of Contents is a convenient platform for Amazon sellers who desire to take their business to a higher level. At, our goal is to create an avenue where the sellers on Amazon will promote their products and send automatic emails to their Amazon clients after the purchase, in order to increase the organic feedbacks and reviews on the listing.

It is very important for sellers to send messages to their customers to maintain a long-term relationship with them as well as to increase their organic Amazon reviews. As the world is changing, there is a need for Amazon sellers to make use of email engagement to get positive feedback from clients. Every business owner must understand that a client is the backbone of the business. helps Amazon sellers with convincing email templates to send to their customers and get their opinions about the products they just purchased.

WHY DO I NEED TO USE FOLLOW UP EMAILS? helps Amazon sellers with sending automatic emails to the clients to know their views about the product they just bought. Sending of automatic messages to your clients after sale offers numerous benefits such as;

1. Serves as a viable tool for increasing the engagement of your esteemed Amazon customers.
2. Sending automatic messages to clients who just purchased your products on Amazon also improve customer experiences, such as sending the instructions and useful information about the products.
3. Improve the level of communication between you and your clients.
4. It provides you with different views and opinions of the buyers which will serve as a basis for the improvement of your products.
5. It improves the number of organic reviews on your listing page – which is the main goal of the Follow-up Booster tool.

If clients who have bought your product on Amazon give your product/service positive feedback on Amazon, it goes a long way to promote your brand. It enhances your brand’s awareness and boosts your finances. Since the customers are the people who used the product, their opinions are taken seriously by individuals who are visiting your Listing page on Amazon. Positive feedback about your product will increase the confidence of the new buyers. As an Amazon seller, you need to harness the power in the automatic messages as they are capable of improving the review rate.


Sending automatic emails is a process that can be exploited to improve the fortunes of your brand but it must be discreetly applied. Taking a look at the aforementioned benefits of sending automatic emails to prospective buyers, you will notice that it requires a form of diligence to acquire the desired results from the campaign. Here are the methods you should apply to run an effective email campaign;


One of the best ways to operate an effective Follow-up email is to ensure your message has a true purpose. Your recipients must see their and your needs addressed in your mail.


Another way to achieve greater results with your Follow up messages is by making use of an enticing subject writing style, nice content, and a distinctive tone. These points will help you grasp the attention of the readers and engage them as it is very clear that no one likes boring topics in their emails. Once all these factors are in place, you can be sure that someone is paying attention to your emails.
Try to change the subject from time to time and see if there are better results.


You must take note of significant points that are easily overlooked by novice marketers. Ignoring these points could spell doom for your business and make a mess of your efforts. You need to use short paragraphs and explore relevant keywords that will make sense to the readers of your emails. Avoid clustering of words and make use of bullet points so your readers can easily understand your message.



Thank you Template: Recommendations: SHIPPED + ASAP.
Subject Heading: Thank you for purchasing [add your product name manually]

Copy-paste the following message into your follow up booster:

Hello {BuyerName} ,
Thank you for buying our {ProductTitle}.

We are sending this to assure you that your order will get to you shortly.
Your choice is highly appreciated.

You can also monitor your order’s progress here:


If you observe any defects with the package,
do not hesitate to contact us via this link:


We will reply to your message as soon as possible to fix it.

Yours Sincerely,
[Add Your Name manually]
[Add Your Title manually]
[Add Your Brand Name manually]


Sending this message to a new client who just purchased a product is essential to the growth of a business. It makes the client have trust in the brand he/she just bought the item from. If a brand is offering you a full guarantee on their product or service, there is a possibility of you giving them your word.


Feedback Request Template: Recommendations: Delivered + 3 Days.
Subject Heading: How are you new [add your product name manually]?

Copy-paste the following message to your follow up booster:

Hello {BuyerName},
My name is [Add Your Name manually] and I’m one of the owners of [Add Your Brand Name manually].

I noticed that your order was delivered a few days ago.
I just wanted to make sure that you are satisfied with your new {ProductTitle}.
It is our utmost desire to satisfy you and ensure you are glad about the purchase of our product and we hope you are.

Your feedback has a huge value to me. If you are happy with your order, I appreciate it if you would leave us your honest feedback.

If you are not satisfied, please let me make it right, I will take care of it personally to make you happy.


Once again, thank you for your order!

Yours Sincerely,
[Add Your Name manually]
[Add Your Title manually]
[Add Your Brand Name manually]


The reason for sending this message to your buyers is to get feedback from them. As an Amazon seller, you want to know if the product or service meets the expectations of the buyers as the opinions of these buyers’ matters a lot and will help us to make informed decisions in making our package better. This message is often sent out to the buyer barely after the delivery of the package.


Review Request Template: Recommendations: Delivered + 7 Days.
Subject Heading: Could you do us one small favor? 
Copy-paste the following message into your follow up booster:

Hello {BuyerName},

This is the last email from me about your purchase.
I just wanted to make sure you’re enjoying your new {ProductTitle}.
I wanted to say THANK YOU for the last time, and ask for a small favor.
I will be more than glad if you would be able to leave your honest review.
It is very important for me as a seller to hear what you liked, and it can be very helpful to others.

please click the link below and share with us your opinion:


If you’re not satisfied, let us make it right.
Email us and we will do whatever it takes to make you happy.


Thanks again and let us know if we can help in any way.

Yours Sincerely,
[Add Your Name manually]
[Add Your Title manually]
[Add Your Brand Name manually]


Reasons: The reason for this message is not far-fetched. Most buyers often purchase items and forget to give reviews about the products. When a buyer acquires a product and leaves positive feedback, more individuals who visit the sales page will be encouraged to give the purchase of the particular package a trial based on the positive review of the buyer who has used it.

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