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Why Should you Limit your Max Order Quantity when Running Promotion:

As many of you know, on November 7th, 2016, Amazon has removed the option to create the “$ OFF” promos, limiting promotions to “% OFF” only. The “$ OFF” claim codes ensure that customers don’t take advantage of your Amazon Coupons by getting a discount on their entire order if they choose to buy multiple quantities during your promotion. It seems to be a small change but actually, it’s very critical.

 When creating your claim codes, we have always recommended generating the “$ OFF” codes.  Now that you only have the “% OFF” option, Shopper can order unlimited units of your product with 1 coupon code, even if you set  “One redemption per customer”, even if you use one-time-use claim codes, it’s possible for the shopper to order up to 999 units with full discount. 

By following this article,  you will learn how to limit the Max Order Quantity of an Amazon listing, and protect your inventory when running a promotion using Amazon Coupons or flash deals.

“You can’t limit the number of units a person can order using the “% OFF” discount claim code “

In case you did not understand what is the big change – you can still generate one-time-use “% OFF” claim codes and give them to your clients, but one client, (Even your competitor) can wipe out your whole inventory with one-time-use claim code!

For example:

Limit Max Order quantity - Amazon Coupons
482 units, 50% off, 5420$ Discount

You can see in the photo above how with 1 claim code we got 50% off discount for 482 units!

We have created a guide & Tool to help you to pass this obstacle and ensure your inventory is not at risk in a very simple way –  limit your Max Order Quantity.

Even though it’s impossible to limit the number of units who purchased when using a % OFF codes, it is possible to limit the Maximum units the shopper can buy in total. the shopper will not be able to purchase more than the amount you set for a single order.

In order to avoid this situation, developed a simple FREE (Yes, unlimited & free) Tool to help all sellers limit the Max Order Quantity and keep their inventory safe from competitors and greedy shoppers so you can create deeply discounted promotions with no worries of losing your inventory!

Limit Max Order quantity - Amazon Coupons
How it looks like from the shopper’s side, when using the Max Order Limiter

How does the Max Order Limiter work?

  1. Login to your account. Don’t have one? Join here.
  2. Go to the Limit Max Order tab, or click here.
  3. In case you didn’t add your MWS information yet, you will be redirected to the MWS page to add the required information.
  4. Choose Country (Based on your MWS information)
    Choose country - limit max order guide
  5. Add product ASIN, then click on ADD PRODUCT:
    Add ASIN- limit max order guide
  6. Fill the Max Order Quantity and set the limit:
    Set the limit - limit max order guide
  7. That’s all! The Max Order Quantity limit is set, you can double check within 15 minutes on your Amazon seller central if the MOQ was changed, by following the guide how to set the Max Order Quantity Limit manually.

Notes regarding the Max Order Limiter

  • You can change the quantity at any time, the update should take up to 15 minutes.
  • When setting a limit and deleting the product, the limit will not change and stay.
  • Make sure to change the quantity to the required amount before you delete the product.
  • In case you change the quantity on Amazon after setting up the MOQ on, the update on Amazon will take effect.

How to set Max Order Quantity from Seller Central.

In this guide, we will show you how to limit the Maximum Order Quantity of your promotional product manually.

  1. Login to you AMZN Seller Central Account.
  2. Click on Manage Inventory:
  3. Choose the product you want to promote and click Edit:
  4. Under “Offer” – You should find the option “Max Order Quantity”, Change it to the amount you desire. NOTE: Max Order Quantity affect all of your listings, even without promotion. Remember to change it back once you finish your promotion.
  5. Click on and Done.

To the Max Order Limiter homepage click here

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