How to promote products to the first page on Amazon?

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Before you start promoting your products, it is essential for you to know that selling on Amazon it’s not only ranking keywords to page one but also to always be more valuable and better than your competitors.

Therefore, the more you invest in your product, market research, and optimizing your listing page, your product will not only be found on the first page but also stay there, until the point you will lead your market successfully. And what makes it so unique is the simplicity of promoting products to first pages and the sales that following the position.

First page results for "Whiskey Stones"
First page results for “Whiskey Stones”

How to promote my product to the first page on Amazon?

There are many ways for promoting products to the first page on a specific keyword. The simplest and fastest way is using a PPC Campaign with a high daily budget and high bid.

The main disadvantage is not only the possibility that the campaign will not be profitable but also when it reaches the daily budget, the product will not be shown on the search results anymore.

How will it feel if you invest hundreds of dollars a day without being present permanently on the first page?

The other way we will discuss is promoting products organically by distributing coupons with a targeted keyword.

How does it work?

Each keyword you will search on Amazon will show some results. The products on the first page have a certain amount of sales through this keyword. Therefore, as long as you sell the same amount of units through the targeted keyword like your competitors on the first page, your product will take place among them.

On you will be able to create a coupon based promotion with a special link that includes the keyword so all of the members who purchased the product using the coupon will buy it through the keyword you have set when you created the promotion.

TIP: Using Helium 10 Cerebro tool you will know how many coupons you’ll need to send for 8 days until the wanted result – first page.

To the full guide for how to use Helium 10 for promoting the keyword to first-page click here

Why is it good?

In a PPC campaign, your product is only shown on the first page while you are paying to Amazon.

However, when your product is promoted organically you get sales without investing money on advertising and then, the beautiful thing is that you can appear on the first page TWICE! Both organically and sponsored.

It is interesting to know how many extra sales you’ll get if you show up on the first page twice.

First page Results for  "Cocktail Shaker"
The Best Seller shows twice
First page Results for “Cocktail Shaker”
The Best Seller shows twic

Let me introduce to you the magnificent tool that will Support you along the way for promoting products both inside Amazon and outside.

Sales Booster Promotion

Sales Booster is one of the most incredible tools for promoting products to first pages on Amazon today.

It does not only give you the ability to boost your product’s rank on the results pages and in the category, but you will also get high-quality reviews from our community on Blog Booster and exposure on their social media platforms.

The most exciting thing is that you can use this tool to promote specific keywords, so you will be able to promote any product to the first page in a period time of 10 days.

Therefore, as long you promote high-quality products with relevant keywords, you will be able to sell more products organically, until you are the undisputed king of your market.

RB Deals in action – Click here to create RB Deals

How to choose the right keyword to promote with

I can definitely understand your passion to start, but, you would not want to promote a product with an irrelevant keyword that will not bring you sufficient sales, or promote keyword who require you to send hundreds of discounted units just to promote one keyword to the first page.

Helium 10 Cerebro Keyword Finder Guide
Helium 10 Cerebro Tool – Keywords Research Tool

Therefore, we made a short guide for how to choose the best keywords to promote using Cerebro, the most advanced tool for keyword research by Helium 10.

To the full Cerebro guide, click here

Let’s get this party started!

Don’t know how? Click here for a step by step guide

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