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Hello Sellers!

Here is a succinct guide on how to comfortably and deftly improve your sales on Amazon.
6 simple Tips to amplify sales and boost your BSR, Good luck!

Work on your SEO

In addition to seller BSR and price, Amazon also looks at keywords in the product’s title to rank product listings. Amazon’s watchword stuffing choice for an item’s title is exceptionally reminiscent of strategies SEO organizations use to convey to enhance Google rankings in the mid-2000s.
The product title has a limit of 200 characters, in which you should include as many keywords as possible to ensure your product is perceptible. Amazon propounds to include brand, description, product line, material, color, size and quantity in this field.
Additionally, I’d suggest using the Amazon Keyword Tool, which uses Amazon’s Autocomplete service to find popular long-tail keywords. You should use the ones you seem pertinent and add them to Amazon Keyword Tool and Google trends.
Separate to the product title, also the five bullet points consider being keywords for Amazon SEO. Moreover, Amazon offers you to enter information into a keyword field, “Search Terms”. You can add up to 5000 characters, 1000 per line. It’s not recommended to have duplications with the title, Bullet points, and the search terms, so before you add keywords to your search terms, make sure your title especially doesn’t include those words.

Get Reviews

The effect of customer reviews on your sales is substantial, 90% of online shoppers state that they trust online product reviews as much as personal recommendations, especially after the new Amazon TOS.
Reviews that include media:
Pictures of your products and video reviews can make the difference between a standard seller and a Best Seller on Amazon.
To be honest, only 1% of your customers, maybe, leave a review on your product, or feedback as a seller.
In order to escalate this rate, follow up with your clients, ask them to leave their honest review on your product, you can use our Follow up Booster to do so. Amazon emphasizes the seller’s performance feedback, placing him in a dominant spot when the reviews are good.
Amazon’s new Terms of Service prohibited to ask for product reviews in exchange for Amazon product reviews, which affect the new sellers especially.
Here are a great 3 email templates you can use in order to increase your organic feedback & reviews.
you can check our article How to get reviews on Amazon in order to increase your organic reviews.


Discounts are one of the best ways to get highly motivated and loyal buyers and building Long-term relationship clients.
Deals on a daily basis with cavernous discounts can get you to the first page of your product category. This also gives you the option to appear on the Amazon home page under the “Hot Deals” and “New release” categories, which will initiate enormous traffic to your product page, and even give you the title “Best Seller”, which means you are the first one in your category if you do it right. You can use our website to share your product with more than 10,000 Amazon Shoppers, and send the coupon code using our unique Code distribution tool.

Traffic from outside of Amazon

Although direct calls to action and Email communications that take buyers out from Amazon are not allowed, it does not say you can’t propel people to your Amazon store from external sources. That is even great! Blog reviews, Article writing, and social media shares are an amazing approach to achieve this.
Attaching a coupon to your packing slip or use an insert, like a business card is also an effective way to get returning customers. One time promotions, free shipping, social media contests, and landing pages are a few techniques of getting back customers. You can use our service with more than 10,000 bloggers, who are willing to review your product on social media platforms and blogs and share it with their followers. Create a new promotion.

Use Sponsored Products on Amazon

Before the new TOS of Amazon, it was very unambiguous what to do before you start your sponsored products on Amazon, and to get reviews as well. Now, after the update of the new rules, you don’t need to wait before you start your first sponsored campaign. This lets your product to be right below search results, in the right-hand column or on detail pages, which expose your products to a lot of shoppers who don’t even know its an advertisement.
It’s not official, But it makes sense that the one who pays Amazon more money is the one who got higher ratings. The recommended ACOS is 15%, which means that on 100 dollars income, $15 is for advertisement.


The listing page can Include 9 different pictures, make sure you take advantage of all of them. Before you upload the pictures, change the name of the pictures to the keyword of your product. for example Baby-Bandana-Bibs-Products-Accessories etc.. make sure you have ” – ” between the words.
Make sure your background is 255/255/255 White, and take over at least 80% of the picture. Your main Picture is the MOST IMPORTANT tool you got to increase your click rate. use it smartly.

Netzah Elad Topaz

Netzah Elad Topaz

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