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Recently, Amazon released the option for shoppers to opt-out from the seller’s follow up emails from third parties.
But no worries, If there is an urgent issue regarding your product, you can contact the buyer manually from seller central. 
So, what can you do to increase your chance of getting maximize the potential to get reviews with you to follow up emails? Here are 5 tips on how to create a great single follow up email.


The title is very important. You can write a beautiful email, amazing construction, and so much great info, but, if the title is not attractive, and the shopper doesn’t click the email, it is worth noting.
We recommend that you add an engaging title that will attract the buyer to click on it. For example:
“Important information about your new (Product name).”
Spark the shopper’s interest; make him click and move to the next tip.

Be personal.

Write the email with no templates. 
Amazon buyers have gotten the same emails, the same timing, the same requests, only the brand name is different.
Be unique; open the mail with a message from the bottom of your heart. For example:
“Thank you for purchasing our (Product Name), I’m so happy you chose us, and hope you will be satisfied with your purchase. If you have any questions, you can always contact us:”

Important Information.

Include 4-5 features, tips, recommendations or warnings regarding your product with explanations.
When a buyer has adequate information concerning a product, it helps him to use the product properly, decrease your refunds/returns, and if the tip is valuable, your chances to get reviews are way higher.

Send the email only after the buyer has received the product.

To increase your chance of getting a review on your Amazon page, the shopper must have the product before you send the email.
The recommended time to send the email is 3+ days after the product has been shipped.

Review Request – Ask for a review!

At the bottom of the email, place your request for review. Do not push, and don’t tell them to write a positive review.
Place the link with a short request, for example:
It will be beneficial for us if you will share your honest opinion about the product on our product page:

In summary, one email can change the picture of your Amazon reviews, so use it smartly 🙂

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Netzah Elad Topaz

Netzah Elad Topaz

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